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Seconds matter.



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Seconds matter.

Our philosophy is rooted in a passion to establish building safety standards in a world today where there is not a standard. Our goal is realistic: minimize the loss of life. 


Ask yourself: why do standards exist that we are all familiar with for car safety, air safety and fire safety, but not building safety? Unfortunately, first responders and the public have lived through too many horrific events. Yet, no change. We, as a society, have accepted this as our reality. 


Hope is not a plan. Over six years ago we set out on a mission of passion to develop, test and evangelize the need for building safety to address this very serious gap we have in our society today. Currently we are in a place where we are leaving the innocent occupants of our building vulnerable if a case of an active threat or an active shooter were to occur. This needs to change. We can minimize the loss of life.


Think about the timeline of violence. We define this as the moment an individual starts to cause harm to the innocent – up to the point where the harm stops.  To date, that continuum of violence has not been interrupted or changed by the use of training alone. Today, training nationwide consists of Run, Hide, Fight. We have taught, lived, and researched this practice for years. The problem with this response is your building does not support it. Training alone has been proven ineffective to minimize injury and death time and time again.


Together, the 3D Response Systems multilayered components coupled with proprietary training and Run, Hide, Fight can provide a holistic solution that empowers the building staff. With 3D Response Systems in place, the staff and law enforcement can take control of the situation versus the active shooter. The 3D Response Systems provide proactive and reactive tools for survival, and they get law enforcement to the scene faster. Our system will minimize the loss of life.


Seconds matter.


Further proof to this philosophy is what we can learn from history as it pertains to a similar situation –fire. In 1958, a fire claimed the lives of 95 people at the Our Lady of the Angels School in Chicago.  The solution? A multi-layered system designed by fire professionals with the intention to stop the threat of fire.  A fire suppression system is not just sprinklers. It is smoke detectors, alarms, sprinklers, fire boxes, magnetic doors, mapping technology, mandated training with drills and fire codes. This system has proven to be so successful that this incident in Chicago was the last time a life was lost in a school due to a fire.



Contact 3D Response for your one stop search in securing your building, preventing the act, and training your staff.

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