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In 2015, 3D Response Systems was founded because a paradigm shift of this topic was long overdue. We have devoted our lives to helping keep our fellow humans as safe as we can. We took what we know, and what history has shown effective, and applied it to a threat that has existed in our society for centuries. 

3D Response Systems does not provide a "one-size-fits-all" system. Our team designs each system based on the uniqueness of the building schematics and any weaknesses it presents. The team works directly with building staff to discuss specific concerns, layout, training, and how law enforcement responds to these situations. From there, the multilayered system is designed custom to the needs of the building and staff. 

In addition to developing a building safety plan, 3D Response Systems provides a multicomponent personnel training. We are fully aware that the event of an active threat is due to information slipping through the cracks. We have dealt with hundreds of threats to public and private buildings. We have trained thousands of civilians and first responders over the years on response.  Our training focuses on mental health, red flags, and relationships – to prevent and act. 

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