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3D Response Systems offers a multi-layered product derived from a variety of professional backgrounds in hopes of providing the tools to protect our nations children, our schools and ultimately save lives.

Our passionate and well experienced team together brings over 100 years of expertise from Law Enforcement, Fire, Engineers, Technology Experts and Education.  We also have strong partner expertise to help bring the system to life.



Peter has been in law enforcement for more than 29 years, with experience in both urban and suburban police departments. His experience includes: SWAT, training, investigative, and management level positions. Peter has spent many years training and instructing in use of force applications and reality based scenario training to both law enforcement officers and students.

Peter holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice and a Master’s degree in Human Services with an emphasis on Leadership.



Jason has over 25 years of diversified law enforcement experience ranging from patrol officer to lieutenant. He created, implemented, and supervised several innovative police initiatives. Jason received the Medal of Merit for researching, creating, and training thousands of first responders and employees in active shooter response.  He tirelessly works with schools to make lock-down drills more practical and real.

Lieutenant Polinski was awarded the 2015 Friend of Education Award by District 194 for his continued dedication to education and training that aided in creating safe learning environments.


Jason holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and Sociology and a Master of Public Administration degree with an emphasis in Law Enforcement.


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Tim has served as a certified firefighter for 20 years, first responder for 17 years, and held an officer’s position for over 15 years. Tim also has extensive teacher and student training experience including Hazmat Training, Rapid Intervention Team Training, Levels 1, 2, and 3 House Burns, Advance Ventilation Training and Study of Structure Fires and Fire Movement.

Tim has been a licensed electrician since 1978 and has experience working on complex electrical equipment. Since 1989, he’s operated a business wiring homes, light commercial companies, industrial plants, and large agricultural grain systems.


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Lee Sloneker has been in the life safety systems business for 40 years and brings a high level of experience in security entrances, mass notification, alert systems and notification systems to the fire and police departments. He is the owner of an alarm and communications company that has furnished, installed and maintained over 500 fire alarm, mass notification and security systems. His company installs systems in a wide range of facilities including hospitals, data centers, offices, churches and schools.


Lee’s employees bring over 250 years combined experience in life safety system design and installation. His staff is highly trained on the systems that they install and take ownership in the critical nature of the systems designed to protect lives. The 3D Response System layers are a natural extension of the product and services provided by his company.


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Mikael’s background includes 18 years of combined security and law enforcement experience. Throughout this tenure, Mike has worked a wide array of assignments covering a spectrum of responsibility from general security to his current position as a Chief of Police. Moreover, Mike gained valuable knowledge and relevant skills while working as a SWAT operator and Team Leader of a large county SWAT team. After being certified as an Active Shooter Instructor by the National Tactical Officers Association, Mike worked diligently over the last 10 years to improve safety in local schools; he led thousands of school employees and police officers in scenario-based training and strived to continuously to learn and adopt best-practice responses.


In 2017, Chief Dahlstrom attended the Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command where his peers selected him to receive the Franklin M. Kreml award as the student who best displayed the leadership qualities needed in today’s law enforcement.


Mike earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Masters of Arts in Leadership in Criminal Justice.


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Linda Swanson is an award-winning school administrator with over 40 years experience in education.  She served the staff, students, and community of the Lakeville Area Public Schools for 25 years as the Director of Communication.  Within that role, she held a leadership position on the Crisis Response Team and the district level Emergency Management Team.  She also brings extensive experience in media relation, public relations, and crisis management training for staff and students.

Linda holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Master of Arts in Communication and understands and the complexities of education. Linda retired from public education in 2015 and now brings her expertise to 3D Response Systems.