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Mental Health Response Training

Mental Health Assessment

Threat Consultation

Post-Critical Event Management


Mental Health Response Training

You cannot always predict when a disruptive event or crisis will occur, but you can be sure you have the right partners in your corner to help your organization intervene before an incident occurs or recover as quickly as possible. Our Response Training equips leadership teams and employees with proactive support measures and response solutions that dovetail with the 3D Response physical intervention in the face of internal or external threats.

Initial training engages employees in a collaborative approach in identifying and then supporting possible at-risk individuals with early interventions, as well as tools to manage the stress response of students in the classroom should an event occur. Annual subsequent training can be tailored to the district’s specific needs.

Mental Health Assessment Team Development

Creating a clear, comprehensive critical event management strategy is an important step in ensuring that all employees are prepared for an emergency. This allows districts and individual schools to dynamically assess, respond to and resolve any threat. Policy review, consultation and development, creation of Assessment Team within the district, and training for the team in the assessment process is included.

Threat Consultation Services

Every school is unique, but the responsibility of ensuring safety and security is the same. As an organization leader you are tasked with staying vigilant to the potential school violence threats and compliant with the requirements of protecting your people, reputation, and the community. Our consultants can help by providing end to end psychologically informed protective services that aid in safeguarding and supporting all facets of your organization. We provide a comprehensive and seamless solution, all focused on mitigating risk, keeping reputation intact, and cultivating the wellbeing of your employees and students.

Post Critical Event Management

All organizations are potentially vulnerable to events beyond their control, which could produce resulting circumstances serious enough to severely impact both the school and the community. Our Post Critical Event Management provides an onsite mental health crisis response team that addresses the recent event, present triggers, and future-related concerns and is designed to mitigate and, if possible, prevent the likelihood of delayed onset PTSD, depression, anxiety, OCD, relationship and health issues, substance abuse or other stress-related disorders as a result of the critical event.

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