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See Something. Say Something. Do something.


• Upgrade your building to a tactically designed layout that dovetails with both run, hide, fight training and police response.

• Currently, run, hide, fight has been proven to be NOT effective enough, why? Your building does NOT support the concept.

• 3D Response will custom design your comprehensive system that will greatly enhance the safety of our children, at the same time helping law enforcement get there faster, and locate a suspect directly, rather than searching. No one building is the same.

All of this, without making your learning environment visibly change at all. No lost teaching space, no prison feel, and you will be left with the same look as it was before the security upgrades.

There Is Something Missing

A collaborative approach to solution development that includes educators, law enforcement, first responders, firefighters and fire suppression experts – the ones who actually respond and may have to live it – the stakeholders. Only then can the dilemma be addressed with:

Experience, Expertise and Engagement

3D Experience

Partners have well over a century of combined years in law enforcement:
• SRO Experience, SWAT, and Decades of Training Civilians and Police Response
• Critical Incident Management, First Responders
• Firefighting, Fire Suppression/Alert Alarm
• Educational Careers in Administration & Teaching

3D Expertise

This experience is applied to meet the specific needs of your building, staff and students. Each client is unique. The physical components are the easy part, the where to locate them, the ease of deployment and training to use, staff confidence, assuring optimal protection for the investment is the differentiation of 3D.

3D Engagement

Work closely with educators, administration and staff to assure the optimal system of defense for your setting. From needs analysis, to recommendation, to implementation, to training and retraining, 3D is there. And it doesn’t end there, we offer continual system optimization and testing.

Our comprehensive system combines a multi layered approach to harden your building that dovetails with the staff and police responses – to minimize loss of lives.


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