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3d Response Systems Philosophy

Seconds Matter

Our philosophy is based on stopping the time line of violence. We define the time line of violence as the moment an individual starts to cause harm to the innocent – up to the point where the harm stops.  To date, that continuum of violence has not been interrupted or changed by the use of training alone. This needs to change.


Once an active shooter enters a building, and takes his or her first shot, they own that building through fear.  They control the situation until they decide to end it.  Typically, this does not end through confrontation…it ends in suicide. 3D Response Systems helps provide the tools through a multi-layered series of obstacles combined with training.


What can we learn and adapt from history?  In 1958, a fire claimed the lives of 95 people at the Our Lady of the Angels School in Chicago.  The solution? A multi-layered system designed by fire professionals with the intention to stop the threat of fire.  A fire suppression system is not just sprinklers. It is smoke detectors, alarms, sprinklers, fire boxes, magnetic doors, mapping technology, mandated training with drills and fire codes. This system has proven to be so successful that this incident in Chicago was the LAST time a life was lost in a school due to a fire.


3D Response Systems has developed a system for an active shooter or a hostile situation. Much like the fire suppression system, our multi-layered system gets first responders on scene faster, provides tools for survival, and shortens the time line of violence.


Our layered defense system, when combined with training, can minimize the loss of life during a horrific event such as an active shooter. Working together, as history has proven, we can make a difference. We can minimize the loss of lives.

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