The 3D Response Systems is a multi-layered system with the ability to conceal the innocent, decrease the response time of law enforcement to the scene, empower employees to fight back, and minimize the threat to safety.

3D Response Systems helps provide the tools through a series of obstacles combined with training that will assist in stopping the timeline of violence and significantly change the outcome of school shootings.

Anti-intruder Glass and Ballistic Panels

Strategically located doors and windows will have a layer of safety and security film installed . This level of protection slows down the intruder by minutes, allowing engagement of the alert system and decreasing the shooters time to cause harm.  Custom designed ballistic panels are available to increase security for reception areas,  meeting rooms and other customer identified areas.

Door Locking System

Once in the building, the intruder is now faced with mechanical intervention. Magnetized door locks hindering class room entry.  One component of 3D Responses’ safe rooms.

Alert System

The system is a multi-functional technology utilizing audio and visual alerts.  The system also broadcasts text messaging to first responders and school personnel. Other capabilities include:

  • Mapping Technology
  • “Soft” Lockdown Notifications
  • Severe Weather Notifications
  • Active Shooter Notifications
  • Interactive PA System

Suspect Dye

If the intruder makes entry into the building a dye can be deployed to tag the suspect.  Much like a bank robber, this layer assists first responders in locating and identifying the suspect.

Controlled Vestibule Access

This controlled entry system requires internal authorization for building entry.   This system will help control the allowance of unauthorized persons entering the building.  This will also allow the suspect dye to be deployed.

Remote Notification System

A remote device that activates the lock-down school notification system.   This allows instructors and staff to put the school in lock-down, notifying first responders and start the process that will assist in stopping the timeline of violence.

Comprehensive Staff Training

We provide the most accurate and up-to-date training for school staff, students, police and fire personnel, and businesses. Our comprehensive staff training is based on current best practices.  It is a continually evolving and refining our response training to an incident.

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