School shootings have become a sad,
frightening part of our culture.

It doesn’t need to be this way. No longer should we feel powerless to the destructive intent of intruders in our schools, government offices, and businesses.

Disturbingly, 95 school shooting incidents have been reported since the Sandy Hook assault in December 2012.
That’s an average of nearly one every two weeks.

Yet what has been done to prevent these horrific acts? Sadly relatively nothing.

Too many children have PAID with their lives because their schools had NO Defense System and NO Training or Preparation!

It’s time for all of us to stand together on this issue. Let’s evolve and empower our teachers, administrators, students, and employees. With the right tools and training, protection can move from an archaic reactive approach to a strong proactive protection plan.

There can be a better outcome.  Contact us today.

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3D Response Systems

We offer a multi-layered solution designed to stop the timeline of violence. Using knowledge from horrific incidents of the past combined with the background experience of our team, we have a solution that can stand alone and save lives.

  • Anti-Intruder Glass
  • Ballistic Security Panels
  • Door Locking System
  • Alert System
  • Suspect Dye
  • Controlled Vestibule Access
  • Remote Notification System
  • Comprehensive Staff Training

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